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Cold Ass Zermatt

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Oooh man! What a crazy great tour we had.  Let me first just say that I am still sick from cold ass Zermatt!  27 shows in 7 days...lost my voice caught a cold and when I got home I got my two top wisdom teeth pulled (OUCH!) does it get any worse than that?

OK now that I'm through crying, we had a great time for real.  It was very very cold and the whole 4 shows per night deal in Zermatt proved to be a bit too much for my vocals but I have to say the shows in Vienna and Basel more than made up for it.  Not that the shows in Zermatt were bad, they were actually great!  Our main bar dude Hans held us down and we met some very nice people.  It's just that whole playing in a hotel and keeping the volume low was a bit much for us.  Hey we are a performance band and could not help but get a little loud. 

Anyway a great time was had by all even if we all, including Maui got sick in the end.  This is a short how it was....which I will follow up in the next day or so with more detail.

Peace to everyone who came out to the shows to support.  Pick up the Soul Rock joint!

peace & chicken grease


Out side of our hotel room...just an idea of how cold it was! (burr)


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