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Tour Report 2008

OK, so we are back from our tour to Switzerland, the Netherlands & Vienna! It was just AWESOME what else is there really to say.

I do have to mention our last two shows at Cafe Leopold in Vienna & the Sudhaus in Basel. These two shows were back to back with a 13 hour van ride in between and WHEW it was off the Chain! First to the folks in Vienna, Cafe Leopold is in the Leopold Museum and is very cool. They turn the tour shop into a full blown club at night- the folks in Vienna know how to party. I don't think we started until maybe midnight. The show was full of energy from the crowd. The lights the sound it was great!

We got back to the hotel around 3:00am knowing we had to be up at 7am to hit the road to make it to Basel for a 5pm sound check the next day. Well we got to Basel around 6pm and by the time we made sound check everyone was just loopy enough to have one of the saddest sound checks ever- but hey we pros right :)

But let me tell you- this was our last night and we were about to do it PUT IT DOWN! And we had such a great turn out, big shout out to Basel you all know how to dance and just do the damn thang! The SudHaus is a very cool two story club/artist events center. We got a great write up in the major news paper in the town and even a little radio play so people came out to check out this Soul Rock band from Oakland CA to see what all the fuss was about and we rammed it right down their ear hole! We had the whole place singing and swaying...spreading the gospel of soul peace and love. Love Warrior Kofy Brown in FULL EFFECT! Yall know how we do and if you don't you've got to come out to one of the live ain't nothing but a sho' nuff good time.

So that was that- Sold all of our CD's most of the T-shirts and had the time of our lives. Maui tour manager extraordinair was rockin on the dance floor and we had our folks from Rheinfleden come out to support as well.

So that's it for now. That Soul Rock joint should hit the streets this summer for real. So tell your friends and let's make it happen yall.

Until next time peace love and hair grease- that girl K BROWN!


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