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What's Up Peoples:

First of all thanks to everyone who has come out to support us on this tour, your presence at the shows has been awesome!

First off was the Jazzclub in Rorschach, Switzerland- the folks their were very warm, cool and entertaining, for a jazz club you guys danced and partied hard- much love and respect. Next up was the Romein in Leeuwarden in the northern part of the Netherlands. The club is an old church turned theatre- it is a very beautiful and rustic place. I don’t think the folks in Leeuwarden were ready for us but by the end of the night we had the whole club singing and feeling like Soul Rock was the place to be- also got a great recording out of the night-THANKS to the sound guys who ROCKED!

Next stop Den Haag! The Paard van Troje was off the hook- over 200 folks came out on a Thursday night to support- Thanks! We always have a good show in Den Haag- Which by the way is where the new CD we are supporting was recorded- Live in the Netherlands: Stompin’ at the Paard! By the end of the night we were completely sold out! That’s right the folks in Den Haag made a statement and hooked us up with some good food and gas money (we really appreciate it)

We stayed in a very cute hotel outside of Den Haag; The Bella Vista which was a very nice and comfortable spot- (being that we had been staying in hostel up until then) nothing like a goon nights sleep to get your energy up.

So we had a long drive ahead of us to get to Zurich, Switzerland for our next gig which was at the coolest spot yet- Moods (appropriately named) By the way we are traveling in the smallest mini van with a rugged little trailer attached to the back. Knees are breaking backs are twisted and we’re still managing to rock out! So we get to Basel, which is just an hour outside of Zurich and everyone’s feeling a little busted. But what a different a nights sleep makes- we’re off to the club and the band is feeling better my energy is up and we are ready to have what I think is probably the best gig of the tour yet! Whew! The folks in Zurich were ready to have a good time- they came with their dancing shoes on and was ready for a call and response at a moments notice- You guys especially one dude in particular my new friend Oliver who was dancing his ass off! He and the rest of the crowd gave us so much energy it was insane. I’m on the floor we’re just rippin it up and the whole club is rockin! We came back for an encore of some ole craziness- THANKS ZURICH for the energy and love!

So we have a few days off then we’re back on the road to Vienna (which will be the first time for us) and then back to finish it off in Basel our home away from home. I can’t wait.

I’ll be back to let you know how it went.

Thanks everyone for all of the love and energy. To our tour manager extraordinaire Maui for holding it down with driving, booking and making sure we are where we need to be, thanks Maui this would have never happen without you!

Peace until the next day. Oh by the way we watched the super bowl last night at 1:00 AM until about 4:15 AM and it was all worth it to see the NY Giants kick the Patriots butts! Big up to the G-Men!

Peace & hair grease



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